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21 February 2010 @ 06:08 pm
About Me~  

There once was a Chocobo
Who smiled a lot-a lot, loved hugs,
Had an open mind, which could be read like an open-book. She was also
Shy, friendly, easily amused, and loved childish things like
Apple Juice and Rubber Ducks

Who had a dream
To become an artist, or a writer.
To move out of her town.
To make people happy with the things she created.

So she began a journey
Also known, sometimes, as life

And along with Her Friends,
Her best, best friend Rufus, who called her Bunni,
and The Band of Merrymakers

(Because they always knew how to make her happy)

 Her music,
Fall Out Boy, Train, An Cafe, David Bowie, Vedera, A Fine Frenzy, Blink-182, Owl City,
All Time Low, Imogen Heap, Vampire Weekend, and Jack's Mannequin,
Just to name very, very few

Her pencil,
For writing fanfiction and other stories. Most contained:
Boys Love, Random Thoughts, AkuRoku, Zemyx, RiSo, Seiner,
and CloudZack

Her sketchbook,
For drawing people
Because it's the only thing she's good at drawing
Usually in an Asian-style like way

Her books,
What I Was, Attack of the Theater People, Yakuza Moon, Eating Heaven, The Good Earth,
Hamlet, Silver Diamond, Pick of the Litter, DN Angel, Fruits Basket,
Gravitation, Loveless, and Letter Bee
Just to name very, very few titles

And Her Game Councils,

A PSP, PS2, PS3, and a DS
So she could play Kingdom Hearts I, II, Days, Final Fantasy VII:Crisis Core,
Sonic, Mario, and Pokemon games

We can find her now
Growing day by day in knowledge, quirks, and tidbits
But certainly not by height

Because she will forever be short~

Doing Whatever Chocobos Do

Feelin': : happyhappy
Jammin' To:: The Take Over, The Break's Over- Fall Out Boy