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You are my ☆

So Shine on Bright


I just want to protect
The days when RufusYomada's face shone, smiling
For the rest of my life

les rêves sont en nous

Welcome to my lj ♥ Thank you for stopping by; I hope you enjoy it~
I love talking to people and making new friends, so feel free to chat about anything!

rufusyomada  is
my best friend; my boss
one of the most genuine people ever
kind & selfless; funny & loyal

my mai mai

Bon et Mauvaise

♥: Rubber ducks, Jello-O, Bubbles, Art & Drawing, Bunnies, Colorful things, Photography, Sleeping, Purple and Blue, Music~♫, Reading, Friends & Familia, Laughter, Little kids, Dancing, Animals, the Environment, Foreign Languages, Writing, Airports, Traveling, Movies, Swimming, Fish, Hummus, Flavor-Blasted Goldfish, Candy, Fruit, Video Games, Hello Kitty, Cosplay, #22, and Tin Lunch Boxes.

☠; Chemistry, Math, Waking up early on weekends, Sunburn, Not being able to express a thought or idea, Prejudgment, Close-Mindedness, Rudeness, Oil Pastels, Vegetables, Thunderstorms, and Zombies.

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